A master calendar for families to plan, manage, and share events as well as connect with families with similar interests. 

The Challenge
As individuals get busier, calendars get more full, and for parents, this can be an overwhelming challenge to manage. Kids are involved in not only extra-curricular activities at school, but in sports, community service, and more. How do parents manage multiple schedules as well as their own? How do they manage schedules when kids attend different schools and have different activities? How do those schedules work with mom's schedule and dad's schedule? While we are able to type them in or integrate a calendar or two, how do we manage them at the same time?  Additionally, how can we connect with similar busy parents with similar interests in our neighborhood? 
The Outcome
After interviews and surveys with parents, the team developed a brand identity and proposal for a website and app targeted to parents. The website and app would allow parents to upload multiple calendars into one master calendar and provide local events based on a family's location. Families would complete a profile detailing their location and interests and would have the option of sharing their calendars to close friends and family.